We have shifted gears from our typical technology deployment services to assist with co-vid 19 response installing PPE shields for retailers as well as local businesses. We will still be providing our service and installation services, but have scaled back significantly to send our technicians to Florida, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Oklahoma, & Tennessee.

We currently are not allowing our technicians to accept onsite signature due to COVID-19.

We will email a scope of work, billing agreement, and Co-Vid statement within 24hrs of booking with all new clients. A reply to this email will be required to confirm customer acceptance.

We ask that all customers observe social distancing recommendations while our technician is onsite.

With this in mind, we will only allow the primary customer or spouse / significant other to be in the room during the installation (while still observing a minimum recommended distance of six (6) feet from our technicians at all times.)

Safety is our primary concern. It is our goal to minimize the risk of having any of your family members or our technician assume unnecessary risks during the installation.

We have equipped our technicians with shoe covers and vinyl gloves (that they must change often to avoid cross-contamination).

We require that each of them wear face mask or bandanas during their time in your home, depending solely on what resources are currently available amidst this pandemic.

We have had some issues recently acquiring additional face masks and have made alternative arrangements to tackle this problem. Jsp Technologies Inc. has recently hired an individual to begin sewing masks for all of our technicians and will begin mass distribution of them very shortly.

Jsp Technologies Inc will also be gifting face masks to our primary contact upon arrival, beginning 4-21-2020 .

Our clients and their families are very important to us and we will continue to make every effort to protect them and ourselves each day. We hope that you and your families are happy and healthy and wish you continued progress through these troubled times.

The JSP Tech Team

New Service During COVID-19 - PPE Shield Installation

Protect your Staff and Customers

JSP Technologies is equipped to install PPE shields at your business! Give us a call today to learn how you can get a PPE shield installed.